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Together, brokers and Insurers can ensure that consumers are never disadvantaged by new technology. IBAC asks Insurers to work collaboratively with brokers and commit to the principles outlined below in developing on-line services for customers. In partnership, brokers and Insurers offer unequaled value, delivering the full capability of digital communication enriched by the unique benefits of broker advice, choice and advocacy.


Respecting Roles Digital customer service delivered collaboratively by brokers and Insurers, in keeping with their respective responsibilities;
Broker Value Insurer communications which promote the value of broker advice, choice and advocacy, and do not use the same brand to solicit direct sales;
Comprehensive Information Access Insurer consumer-friendly digital offerings which prominently include broker presence and continuously display options for immediate broker referral, with integration providing accurate, relevant information either via broker systems, or agreed access to Insurer systems with broker presentation;
Consumer Protection Digital processes that protect consumers by requiring them to select broker resources before they make any decisions regarding their protection, and finalizing coverage only with broker confirmation;
Broker-Customer Connection Insurer processes and communications that do not interfere with the broker-customer relationship; and
Privacy Protection A commitment that, along with the client relationship, all customer related information collected belongs to that customer’s broker as their mandatory, and that no data will be used for a purpose other than that for which it is originally and specifically collected, in line with all legal and regulatory requirements.

For an example of how broker-Insurer collaboration could work on-line, click here.

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