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Rules and regulations need to be considered within your brokerage technology strategy. Here are some government resources offering guidance to business owners.



In Canada, ‘personal information’ is any information associated with an individual, which could be used to identify him or her. Federal privacy legislation is complemented by provincial statutes. The links below offer useful information regarding what personal information can be collected, and how is can be shared, stored, or used.


IBAC has also created toolkits specific for brokers’ use, which provincial and regional associations can refer to the relevant local regulators for approval. Check with your association to see if your regulator has approved the tools for use in your province.


Federal Privacy Legislation: https://www.priv.gc.ca/information/pub/guide_org_e.asp

Privacy Management Programs: https://www.priv.gc.ca/information/guide/2012/gl_acc_201204_e.asp


Provincial Links

British Columbia: https://www.oipc.bc.ca/tools-guidance/

Alberta: https://www.oipc.ab.ca/about-us/about-the-oipc.aspx

Saskatchewan: http://www.oipc.sk.ca/default.htm

Manitoba: https://www.ombudsman.mb.ca/info/access-and-privacy-division.html

Ontario: https://www.ipc.on.ca/english/Home-Page/

Quebec: http://www.cai.gouv.qc.ca/english/, http://www.cai.gouv.qc.ca/entreprises/

New Brunswick: http://www.info-priv-nb.ca/

Nova Scotia: http://foipop.ns.ca/toolsguidance

PEI: http://www.assembly.pe.ca/index.php3?number=1013943

Newfoundland: http://www.oipc.nl.ca/

Nunavut: http://www.info-privacy.nu.ca/

Yukon: http://www.ombudsman.yk.ca/

Northwest Territories: http://www.commissioner.gov.nt.ca/privacy/


CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation)

The government’s site at http://fightspam.gc.ca/eic/site/030.nsf/eng/home offers in-depth information for businesses to ensure they operate within the guidelines designed to protect and respect consumers.