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IBAC Technology Committee
IBAC Technology Committee
IBACtech Broker Website
IBACtech Broker Website
Technology Resources for Canadian Brokers
Technology Resources for Canadian Brokers
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Welcome to the IBAC Technology Website

Brokers – This is your Technology Resource Centre. This site is dedicated to the support of broker association members across Canada as a forum for researching, sharing and exchanging technology related information.

To access member information contained within this site, go to the members-only section of your provincial or regional broker association’s web site here. If you are already a member of your local provincial broker association, access to this site is automatic. If you are not currently a member, information on how to change that situation can be obtained by contacting your local provincial broker association.

User Submitted Articles

Hubio presentation to the IBAC Technology Committee on April 16, 2018

TechCanary is a US based BMS that is built on top of the SalesForce cloud platform.

TechCanary is a broker management system from the United States that is built on top of the SalesForce platform.

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